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Goals of the Academy
• Offering professional help to young musicians and music teachers;
• Finding new talents, providing the most talented performers with professional and financial encouragement, assistance in organization of their concert activity;
• Helping young musicians to prepare for international competitions, festivals, concert performances;
• Assistance in establishing creative contacts between the Central and other regions, development of international artistic contacts;
• Revealing modern progressive tendencies in performing art and introducing them to the educational process;
• Experience exchange between leading domestic and foreign performing musicians and teachers;
• Assistance to young musicians in recording and releasing their CDs and DVDs, printing required info sheets and advertising production (posters, outdoor advertising, invitation cards, booklets, albums, video clips etc.);
• Assistance in promoting the activity of musicians to mass media
For the most talented participants and the best teachers of the Academy, the Foundation «Russian performing art» allocates grants, awards and also gives privileges for participation in the further sessions of the Academy.

• piano, jazz piano
• strings (violin, viola, violoncello, contrabass)
• wind instruments ( clarinet, oboe, bassoon, flute, pipe, saxophone)
• folk instruments (domra, balalaika, guitar, bayan, accordion)
• vocal (classical singing, folk and light singing)
• chamber ensemble, quartet
• symphony conducting
• composition

Master classes are conducted by professors and teachers of Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, Gnesins Academy of Music, Ippolitov-Ivanov State Musical Teachers’ Training Institute, the Central Musical School at Moscow Conservatoire.

Participation in the Academy’s courses is on a basis of prior applications and in accordance with the designated terms. In individual cases, classes may be organized during other agreed periods.

Performance with an orchestra
The Moscow Youth Chamber Orchestra takes part in Academy’s work ( ).
During sessions of the Academy the brightest performers will be selected for performance with an orchestra at the final gala concert.

Final gala concert
The session of International Academy "Master class" is completed with a gala concert in which the best pupils of the Academy, who have been selected by the teachers during the classes, will take part.
An accompanist will help soloists with participation in the gala concert. There will be two orchestral rehearsals before the concert provided for the soloists performing with the orchestra.

For furthers informations, please contact:
Tel: +7- 926-890-85-08 Viorika Rotaru
Fax: +7 (495) 911-96-05